The main goals of the new organization to integrate Russian youth abroad through the strengthening of national identity.


28 January, 2019




Секция «Организация молодежного  служения в Самоуправляемых Церквях Экзархатах, Митрополичьих округах и зарубежных епархиях»

  Дата проведения: 28.01.2019 Время: 12:30 – 14:00   Председатель: протоиерей Кирилл Сладков, исполняющий обязанности Председателя Синодального отдела по делам молодежи Русской Православной Церкви. Сопредседатель: протоиерей Андрей Соммер, заместитель председателя Синодального отдела по работе с молодежью Русской Православной Церкви Заграницей. Куратор: Вавенко Анастасия Сергеевна, специалист сектора по взаимодействию с епархиями Синодального отдела по делам молодежи, Соловьева Алина Валентиновна, специалист по международному сотрудничеству. Время проведения: 28 января, 12:30–14:00. Место проведения: Храм Христа Спасителя, Красный зал, вход со стороны набережной. Проезд: ст. м. «Кропоткинская».
  1. Котова Мария Геннадьевна и Иванова Мария Валерьевна, сотрудники «Центра экологических решений» г. Минск, Республика Белоруссия. «Мультимедийный сторителлинг как эффективный инструмент для вовлечения аудитории».
  2. Дейвид Зайцев, секретарь по делам молодежи Виленско-Литовской епархии. «Волонтерство как форма работы с невоцерковленной молодежью».
  3. Хорсун Екатерина Андреевна, представитель молодежного служения при епархиальном совете отдела Берлино-Германской епархии Русской Православной Церкви Заграницей. «Знаковые молодежные проекты в Германии».
  4. Диакон Евгений Есауленкозаместитель председателя комиссии по делам молодежи митрополичьего округа Русской православной Церкви в Республике Казахстан. «Современные методы работы с молодежью».

Полная программа Х направления «Церковь и молодежь» на Международных Рождественских образовательных чтениях

27 November, 2018

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26 November, 2018

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"Your thoughts" is a new special section of the website currently launched and includes a variety of resources about events, meetings & travels where our youth participates actively.


This section already presents “Your thoughts” after participating in SYMPOSIUM Remembering the 100th year of the Royal Martyrs:

as well as “Your thoughts” after the Meeting of American and Belarusian Orthodox Youth in the Minsk Theological Academy:      

School piggy bank 2018

This project was made possible thanks to the efforts of children of the following parishes:
  • St. Alexander Nevsky, Lakewood,
  • St. John the Baptist cathedral, Washington DC,
  • St. Vladimir Memorial church, Jackson NJ
  • Holy Epiphany, Boston,
  • St. Xenia, Methuen,
  • St. John Academy, SF,
  • Sts Cyrill and Methodius, SF,
  • St. Vladimir R.O.C., Ann Arbor, MI
  • Transfiguration cathedral, LA,
  • Holy Virgin Protection, Chicago,
  • St. Nicholas Cathedral, Seattle,
  • Holy Myrrhbearing church, Brooklyn
  • St. Luke the Blessed, FL
  • Lukianov Family Foundation
  • Vasily Bazalitsky
  • Olga Dziubina
  • A.Baranoff
On Sunday, May 20, 2018, Minsk Theological Academy in Belarus hosted a round table called “Preserving Orthodoxy in the Modern World.” The event brought together youth of Minsk and their counterparts from the Russian diaspora in the US, headed by V.Rev. Andrei Sommer. Fr Andrei talked about youth ministry in the USA, saying that characteristic of today’s “Generation Z” are a lack of church life and agnosticism. The post-Christian youth of the early 21st century, as a rule, might in fact acknowledge the existence of God or of a supernatural world, but they reject the Church, Her Mysteries and rituals. At the same time, this generation is active, dynamic, seeks to change the world and help people. Continuing on this topic, Fr Andrei said that today’s youth are “a separate nation,” with their own language and culture, and a missionary to this “nation” must master their forms of communication. The new generation communicates in soundbites, eschews reading long texts, uses photos, stickers and emojis to express their thoughts and feelings. A person working among the young must take this into account. Fr Andrei also stressed that young people rely on gadgets, that they “go to sleep and wake up with their smartphones.” In this light, it is important to awaken within young hearts an interest in real life and socialization without the use of “virtual” intermediaries. He emphasized that the foundation of youth ministry must be love, and that a forceful effort to lead young people to church will fail. “Better to bring love into the world than to become a crusader,” he said. The floor was then ceded to the youth from the USA. Each of them talked about themselves and their paths in life. These young men and women are descendants of Russian emigres from various generations, speaking Russian with different levels of fluency, but all remembering their roots, studying Russian culture and traditions. A great many words of fondness were spoken of Camp NORR (the Association of Russian Explorers Outside of Russia), a summer youth organization established in 1928. The speeches then gave way to a lively discussion. The delegates answered questions from their Belarussian counterparts, learning about the life of young people in Belarus in the process. The round-table discussion concluded in an atmosphere of joy and mutual understanding.
Prince Vladimir Youth Association
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Prince Vladimir Youth Association
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What is Monarchy and What Example Can it Serve for Today’s Youth? Katia Kallaur, St Seraphim Memorial Church, Sea Cliff, NY: - I brought my children to the symposium, because it’s very important that they participate in such events. Maybe they don’t understand everything now, because they didn’t cover these topics in school. But I think it’s very important that they learn about such historic events, in particular about the monarchy and the Royal Family from an Orthodox point of view, and, with time, drop by drop, they will come to understand everything. I myself found it all very interesting.
Thoughts after the symposium “Remembering the 100th year of the Royal Martyrs” Nicholas Straut, St Elizabeth Parish, Rocky Hill, NJ: - I attended a similar symposium last year; everything having to do with the history of Russia is interesting to me. I learned a lot from today’s lecture. It was interesting to contrast contemporary forms of government and monarchy, and how the monarchy is bound to Orthodox Christianity.
Thoughts after the symposium “Remembering the 100th year of the Royal Martyrs” Isaiah Trofimenko, member of the St Vladimir Youth Association: - I’ve been interested in history since childhood, and think that all young people who grew up in the Russian Church Abroad usually like history. Our church is very closely bound to Russian history, because its members are Russians who were left without a homeland. I’m glad that I had the opportunity to hear this lecture by a good professor, and to ask questions. In my opinion, such gatherings are very important. We have lived for a long time without the monarchy. But we are taught that monarchy was the best system for Orthodox Christianity. Many questions come to mind. For instance, what should our attitude be towards monarchy today? We asked the lecturer, and others who know this topic, questions like that today. I asked about a constitutional monarchy. Maybe this would be the best system in Russia  
Prince Vladimir Youth Association
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Keeping with the traditions established in youth work starting in the 1950's this youth association dedicated to the memory of Prince Vladimir will create opportunities for those interested in helping their local communities.
The Youth Association of Prince Vladimir is working with the department on work with youth at the Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.
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