September 2018

Minsk Essay 2018 by Boris Belikow

From the moment we landed in Minsk I knew this was going to be a remarkably unique trip not only for me, but for all of us on this trip. The greeting we received was unlike any other, and was only the precursor to what this voyage had to offer. Around every corner we turned […]

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Minsk Essay 2018 by Kyril Kavetsky

Our youth trip to Minsk, Belarus served many purposes. Not only was it a religious and culturally enriching experience, it was an opportunity to make an impact in the Russian Orthodox community abroad. From the moment of our arrival, we had the opportunity to venerate the Holy Relics of Saints Elizabeth and Barbara. We served […]

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Minsk Essay 2018 by Alexei Ohotin

  This year’s youth trip to the Saint Elizabeth convent in Minsk, Belarus, led by Father Andrei Sommer  was one of importance and occasion. Ten young adults, including myself, traveled Minsk with a packed schedule of meetings and church services. We met with countless native Belarusians and held open conversations about our common faith. We […]

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