We appeal to you to help support us on the basis of the “School piggybank” Program 2017

The Prince Vladimir Youth Organization is organizing financial assistance to the Efimovskaya special boarding school for orphans in the Leningrad region of Russia. The boarding school currently has over 100 children. The main contingents of students are children left without parental care. Most of these children never had a home, they did not know of parental warmth. Many of them have complex diagnoses, terminal disease. As life shows, the years that they spend in the boarding school are the most bright and memorable in their difficult life.



From February 28 until April 9, 2017 we appeal to you to help support these poor orphans. Collected funds will be of great use and support to these parentless children. Donations can be made by check made out to Prince Vladimir Youth Association with a memo “School piggybank” 2017 and sent to our address or directly done though our web site.


In May our youth choir will be visiting this orphanage providing them with a musical program and will relay all the collected support to the orphans.


Сбор денежных средства проводится с 25 февраля по 9 апреля.

Чеки выписывайте на Prince Vladimir Youth Association; memo: “school piggybank” или кредитной карточкой на сайте.