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June 2019

Visit by U.S. students to Minsk Spiritual Seminary – Belorussia

On June 3-4, 2019 college students from different states of the U.S. headed by the chairman of The Prince Vladimir Youth Association V.Rev. Andrei Sommer visited the Minsk Spiritual Seminary. Escourting the delegation was the president of the Synodal Youth Dept. of the Belorussian Orthodox church V.Rev. Ivan Zadorozin. The focus of the visit was […]

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February 2019

4th Annual “School Piggy Bank” Program

In the framework of the initiated program “School Piggy Bank”, The Prince Vladimir Youth Association,  are organizing financial assistance to the “Samaritan- rehabilitation center” – orphanage/hospice in the city of Pinsk, Belorussia. Most of the children there never had a home and have serious complex diagnoses. This good deed will take the form of a […]

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November 2018

Meet a new section of the website – “Your thoughts”

“Your thoughts” is a new special section of the website currently launched and includes a variety of resources about events, meetings & travels where our youth participates actively.   This section already presents “Your thoughts” after participating in SYMPOSIUM Remembering the 100th year of the Royal Martyrs: SYMPOSIUM Remembering the 100th year of the Royal Martyrs […]

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June 2018
May 2018

Youth of Belarus and the Russian diaspora meet at a round table

On Sunday, May 20, 2018, Minsk Theological Academy in Belarus hosted a round table called “Preserving Orthodoxy in the Modern World.” The event brought together youth of Minsk and their counterparts from the Russian diaspora in the US, headed by V.Rev. Andrei Sommer. Fr Andrei talked about youth ministry in the USA, saying that characteristic […]

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February 2018

2018 “School Piggy Bank” program

This year The Prince Vladimir Youth Association is hosting the 3rd “School piggy bank” program to help the St. Elizabeth special needs orphanage in Minsk, Belorussia. Most of the children never had a home and do not know parental warmth. Many of them have complex diagnosis but are given loving attention by the sisters of […]

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