Minsk Essay 2018 by Masha Healy

I was presented with such a unique opportunity to travel to Minsk accompanying the relics of St. Elizabeth and St. Barbara.

Seeing the people of Minsk greet the relics with such reverence and prayer was inspiring.

I go to church in synod and often pray standing right beside the relics.

I have taken this for granted and upon my return I will be more mindful of how privileged I am to have these relics next to me.

This trip was made even more special by the 9 other youth that came as well.

We were able to socialize with Minsk youth and give them a window into what life is like in America as an Orthodox Christian.

I also treasured the time that I was able to spend alongside the sisters at the monastery.

I had personal conversations and asked questions that otherwise would have gone unanswered.

Overall I am so grateful to have had this unique experience.

Despite it being so short it will definitely have a lasting impact on my life.