Minsk Essay 2018 by Boris Belikow

From the moment we landed in Minsk I knew this was going to be a remarkably unique trip not only for me, but for all of us on this trip.

The greeting we received was unlike any other, and was only the precursor to what this voyage had to offer.

Around every corner we turned there was always a cup of tea waiting, and lovely conversations and gifts to be exchanged.

Everyone I met was filled with joy and was interested in our stories and how we came about there.

And I was interested to see how the people of Belarus lived and thought everyday.

With churches being a stone’s throw away from any given location, it was easy to see that God is apart of their lives, similar to how we were raised in ROCOR.

And with the support of the state and everyone else in Belarus, it’s easy to understand why the churches are filled up not every sunday, but every day of the week.

The priests there must get a run for their money, with that amount of churchgoers, it’s unrivaled in the US, even in the catholic churches.