Isaiah Trofimenko, member of the St Vladimir Youth Association

Thoughts after the symposium “Remembering the 100th year of the Royal Martyrs”

Isaiah Trofimenko, member of the St Vladimir Youth Association:
– I’ve been interested in history since childhood, and think that all young people who grew up in the Russian Church Abroad usually like history. Our church is very closely bound to Russian history, because its members are Russians who were left without a homeland. I’m glad that I had the opportunity to hear this lecture by a good professor, and to ask questions.
In my opinion, such gatherings are very important. We have lived for a long time without the monarchy. But we are taught that monarchy was the best system for Orthodox Christianity. Many questions come to mind. For instance, what should our attitude be towards monarchy today? We asked the lecturer, and others who know this topic, questions like that today.
I asked about a constitutional monarchy. Maybe this would be the best system in Russia