Alexei Ohotin, student at Steven’s Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ

What is Monarchy and What Example Can it Serve for Today’s Youth?
Alexei Ohotin, a student at Steven’s Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ:
– It was very interesting to learn more about the history of monarchy, its moral aspects, how it can connect with contemporary life, and whether it has a future in the contemporary world.
This symposium is the continuation of events through which the Church Abroad marks the centenary of the martyrdom of Holy Passion-Bearer Nicholas II and the Royal Family. As part of this series, we travelled to Minsk. This was my first trip to Belarus. It was fantastic! I was most impressed by the kindness of Belarussians—like I entered a different world! We met the local youth and scouts. In Minsk, we travelled with a reliquary containing the holy relics of Holy Grand Duchess Elizabeth and Nun Barbara brought from the Synodal Cathedral of Our Lady “of the Sign” in New York, along with Fr Andrei Sommer. So we visited many churches and monasteries, including a convent dedicated to St Elizabeth, where we did some volunteer work.