Adrian Fekula

What is Monarchy and What Example Can it Serve for Today’s Youth?

Adrian Fekula:

– We live in America, where there was never a monarchy, and we feel no bond with it. It interests me how our ancestors lived under a monarchical state, and what we can learn from it.

– Is it difficult for you to venerate the Passion-bearer Nicholas? Is it hard to pray to him as to other great saints of past centuries?

– For me, it’s easy. I think that the Tsar was a profoundly faithful main, and we see this clearly by looking at his life. He never wanted to rule Russia. He retreated to his residence and lived with his family. He rarely visited the capital. We see his deep faith and his love for his people and Homeland.

So it is hard for us to imagine how he was the Tsar and ruled the state, since we never had such a sovereign form of government. Praying to him is easy, because this was a person who suffered for his faith, for his nation. He loved his country, tried to defend it from communism, knowing that it would be a great catastrophe for Russia.