Podcast and live conference feed

WASHINGTON, May 26 (Sputnik) – The Prince Vladimir Youth Association started working on the All North American Youth Conference a year ago, when the majority of countries had strict limitations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizers even reviewed the possibility of holding the forum in Europe, but decided to focus on a regional event in North America at the end of the day.

In Utah, approximately 100 young men and women from 23 US states and from Canada will discuss different topics related to the participation of the youth in church’s life.


The conference is focused on trying to organize youth to participate in the communities of the parishes. All the youth have different talents, and all of them can contribute to the life of the parish. We want to engage them more in participating in their parishes.


The conference participants will be organized in groups of 10 to create youth programs on different topics and make presentations at the end of the conference to a panel for evaluation and publication.


During the conference, there are plans to start a new project – a special Orthodox youth podcast about the life of the young people and their faith.


The youth will be interviewing other youth on topics related to their Orthodox faith. We want them to talk about different challenges that they have in their life in regards to keeping their faith and how to balance secular life while keeping strong in faith.,


Organizers also plan to hold a live Zoom meeting with 100 participants of a similar conference, taking place simutaneosly in Cologne, German.


All lectures, speeches and presentations will be presented live on our YouTube channel www.youthpv.org


Prince Vladimir Youth Association