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November 2018

Adrian Fekula

What is Monarchy and What Example Can it Serve for Today’s Youth? Adrian Fekula: – We live in America, where there was never a monarchy, and we feel no bond with it. It interests me how our ancestors lived under a monarchical state, and what we can learn from it. – Is it difficult for […]

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October 2018

Minsk Essay 2018 by Serafim Arlievsky

I gained an enormous amount from the trip to Minsk. The most obvious thing is the interaction with youth in an orthodox country. Our zarubezhie is separated from the place we call our motherland, and amongst our youth the Russian language and Russian culture are slowly dying. It is vital for us to keep up […]

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Minsk Essay 2018 by Masha Healy

I was presented with such a unique opportunity to travel to Minsk accompanying the relics of St. Elizabeth and St. Barbara. Seeing the people of Minsk greet the relics with such reverence and prayer was inspiring. I go to church in synod and often pray standing right beside the relics. I have taken this for […]

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Minsk Essay 2018 by Tatiana Zakharov

This year I had the opportunity to visit Minsk with 9 other students my age. As we got off the plane I was very surprised by the amount of reception the relics of St. Elizabeth. It was very weird seeing how important it was to the public there because we live so close to those […]

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September 2018

Minsk Essay 2018 by Alexander Boldewskul

Minsk Trip Thoughts Almost all aspects of the trip where delightful and enjoyable. The monastery accepted us with great hospitality. Personally, I felt very welcomed by the nuns, novices, Belarusian youth and churchgoers. I have not been to Russia in a long time and this trip in a way gave me a chance to revisit […]

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